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Сommercial department:
Phone: 8 (495) 369-90-42 (ext: 1249),
+7 (931) 409-95-34
E-mail: s.semenov@velskiyles.ru

Dear potential suppliers of our company!

Proposals for cooperation you can send to the address e.ignatov@velskiyles.ru

or by phone 8 (495) 369-90-42

Our specialist supply department certainly consider them!

Arkhangelskaya obl, Velsk, Zavodskaya, 25

Phone: 8 (495) 369-90-42 (ext: 1204)

E-mail: info@velskiyles.ru

The quality that remains with you!
8 (495) 369-90-42
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Velskiy Les - is one of the largest Russian companies that specializes in full cycle wood processing. The sawmill and woodworking plant of the company is located in Velsk, the Arkhangelsk Region. The company has a 40-year history of successful manufacturing.


Velskiy Les is a leading company. It is the leading brand in the market of planed moldings in Russia. The company has proven itself to be a high-quality mark of products from softwood, and it works efficiently to maintain its leading position, to expand its own plant and to preserve its reputation as the best manufacturer of timber.

Velskiy Les is a customer-oriented company. It is focused on the desires of consumers. The company manufactures products aimed at satisfying the tastes of its customers. We offer products suitable for our partners. We always strive for the perfect value-for-money ratio with particular emphasis on quality.

Velskiy Les is a stable company. It has all the necessary resources to ensure the complete production cycle. Production and organizational capacities of the company enable the company to harvest timber, produce products that meet high quality standards, deliver them to consumers and promote them in regional markets using its own resources. This establishes the necessary infrastructure, sets a high potential of maneuver in case of sharp market fluctuations, and determines the company's viability during protracted economic crises.

Velskiy Les is a high technology company. In order to maintain high quality, environmental protection and safety, the company uses only modern energy-efficient equipment. The production equipment is procured from companies of the most famous brands.

Velskiy Les is a company with long history. With more than 40 years of experience, it continues the best Soviet traditions in woodworking. This guarantees the quality and safety of our products.

Velskiy Les is an attractive employer. The company seeks to use the skills of its employees. Everyone in the company has a chance to become a highly qualified specialist in its field. We regularly send our employees to courses, provide additional training and give them a chance to unleash their potential.

Velskiy Les is a socially responsible company. The environmental care is one of the most important tasks of the company. High-tech equipment allows it to produce the best eco-friendly products. Every tree cut down is replaced by a new planted one.

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