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Floor board

Sawn timber imitation

Block-house (log imitation)

Edge Glued Panels


Today euro-batten is one of the most demanded construction and furnishing materials of natural wood for decoration of walls and ceilings, made in compliance with the environmental safety requirements and in full compliance with the European quality standards. Euro-batten is distinguished by gorgeous structure, and it represents a decorative board, processed from all sides, used for facing of various surfaces. 
Both solid wood, securing high operational parameters, and built-up boards, are used for its production. The name “euro-batten” originated as a result of its popular use at the beginning. That time the product was used for facing the railway carriages.

Thanks to optimum price-quality correlation, euro-batten is widely used at construction and furnishing works.

Standard sizes of the material:

  • thickness 12.5 mm;
  • total width with adjusting tongs 96 mm;
  • effective width (without tongs) 88 mm.

For the purpose of reduction of deformations, the tongue or tong is increased by 8 mm. This allows preventing cut-outs in the finished surface even considering exposure to high humidity. There are grooves for air circulation from the back side of the moulding.

The primary advantages of facing walls with batten and euro-lath:

  • possibility of creation of even surface at minimum time and resource costs;
  • reliable noise isolation, ensured by the unique layered structure of the timber;
  • high aesthetic properties of the material;
  • reasonable cost;
  • resistance to UF-radiation, negative impact of climate factors and other aggressive impacts of the environment;
  • natural adjustment of humidity level and creation of comfort microclimate in the room;
  • environmental compatibility of the material.
Euro-batten facing fits any interior design and will become an economically justified choice for conduction of construction and very sophisticated furnishing works.

Floor board  

184931924.jpg IMG_9139.jpg

Floor board is made of solid wood and represents a boarding of high quality.  In order to reduce internal tension, the special technology of timber processing is used during production.

The main advantages of the product include the following:

  • Low heat exchange coefficient. This enables the board to transfer and keep heat well, which is particularly valued during decoration of residential premises. Due to rim boards with gaps, any type of heat retainer may be used at boarding.
  • High noise isolation and low level of sound conductivity. Floor board terminates the sound wave and ensures good isolation from external noise.
  • Strength, thanks to which the possibility of long-term operation without loss of original qualitative characteristics is achieved.
  • Quick assembling and disassembling. Arrangement of floor board does not require long preparation and takes little time.
  • Easy handling. This covering is distinguished by easy maintenance and does not require complicated cleaning.  

Optimum correlation of price and quality is one more important advantage of the product, at this, the cost of material is much lower than the cost of flooring made of natural wood.

Sawn timber imitation

IMG_9130.jpgSawn timber imitation, including glued sawn timber, relates to one type of fit-out wall wooden panels, which may be used both for external and internal facing of various premises.

The surface of the product represents the sawn timber with flat front side and bevel edges, lateral sides have mortise and tennon section. It is produced from the solid pint tree, spruce or larch, and visually takes after the standard euro-batten. The difference lies in the absence of intermediate mortise after adjusting. Thus, after facing the walls, full imitation of sawn timber surface is achieved. 

Low heat conductivity and high noise isolation may be named among the advantages of such variant. Additional use of modern heat isolation enables to efficiently make the construction cold-proof.  Moreover, natural wood conducts excessive moisture, without detaining it, thus creating natural favorable environment in the premises.

Simple and quick assembling is one more advantage of sawn timber imitation, ensuring high demand of this material in the sphere of production of frame houses. At this, the properly placed product looks not worse than any classic sawn timber wall. The price of sawn timber imitation is much lower than the solid sawn timber, which helps to minimize the cost of facing. 

Block-house (log imitation)


Block-house is a sort of decorative panels, for production of which natural wood is used. Being an imitation of a rounded sawn timber, this material is especially demanded by the connoisseurs of the Russian wooden architecture and in the sphere of frame house building. However, in comparison to the classical log, it has several kinds and may be used both for exterior and interior decoration.

Due to perfect aesthetic parameters the house, faced with log imitation, looks like traditional timber blocking, but differs by low self-cost at better operational characteristics. Block-house surface is smooth, without defects and various inequalities, that ensures perfect decorative appearance of walls.

Main advantages of the material:

  • Good noise isolation (external noise does not come inside the premises);
  • High heat isolation (block-house walls perfectly keep heat, that reduces costs for heating at cold and off-season period);
  • optimum correlation of cost-effective price and quality of the material;
  • provision of healthy microclimate due to natural microcirculation of air in the premises.

Pine tree and spruce are used for block-house production, that on one hand guarantees 100% environment compatibility of the material, and on the other hand – creates cottage style in the premises.

One more advantage of the log imitation is the absence of necessity of special additional processing in the form of mastic compounds and lacquer during decoration of interior rooms. If the block-house is used for exterior facing of walls, it is recommended to use paint materials or natural wax coatings for preservation of log primary physical parameters and aesthetics.

 Edge Glued Panels

The edge glued panels relate to the sort of timber, and is a modern analogue of a particleboard.  It is widely used in the sphere of furniture industry, at design of interior designs, production of decorative and construction parts, fit-out works in apartments, country houses, and in case of necessity, at construction of extraordinary architectural structures and forms.

Softwood slat, both solid and glued, are used for production of edge glued panels. The main advantages of this material: its high quality, environment compatibility and durability.

The edge glued panels have a unique structure and supersedes conventional medium density fiberboard [MDF], particleboard and other types of boards. The furniture produced from it can withstand multiple assembling and disassembling. Moreover, edge glued panels are especially relevant for manufacturing the Swedish style products. It is also used for production of window boards, doors, wall panels, partitions.

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